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The applied shallow analyse of pigment of black sesame seed

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Black sesame seed has blood of essence of filling liver kidney, beneficial, raise the five internal organs, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid to black is sent and defer the action such as consenescence. Its advocate originate in and other places of Sichuan, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, with bead the black, full, person that do not have foreign matter is big, color beautiful. Oiliness of black sesame seed 45 - 55 % , oily bases is oleic acid (about 48 % ) , linoleic acid (37 % ) , the glycerine ester of palmy acid, tristearin acid, peanut oil acid, 24 acid, contain Mu Zhisu kind composition is like element of sesame seed element, sesame seed forest, in addition the ingredient such as sesame seed phenol, vitamin E, lecithin still is contained in oil. C of pigment of saccharide of til glucoside, protein, few, folic acid, nicotinic acid and cell is contained in the seed.

Hei Zhi contains natural melanin in hemp skin. According to studying a report, its melanin is the stronger freedom in black sesame seed base one of cleared agents. In the pigment that develops at present, natural melanin is extremely infrequent, and synthetic melanin is in a lot of countries already by taboo, because pigment of this black sesame seed serves as a kind of natural melanin, have capacious development foreground and use value. The pigment of black sesame seed that our country develops now already entered industrialization phase, basically have cream shape is mixed farinaceous two kinds of products.

Pass a series of experiments to prove: Pigment of black sesame seed is a kind of water-solubility the thermal stability with be had good, better, smooth stability, be able to bear or endure the pigment of oxidisability, reproducibility.

Pigment of black sesame seed is a kind of natural melanin. He results from in the black sesame seed that has function of proper health care, because pigment of black sesame seed has good reason to change property, so he is changed in food and day have in the industry use foreground capaciously. Compare with traditional caramel and carbon black photograph, pigment of black sesame seed has larger dominant position, caramel pigment is black aglow, technology of small company production is not perfect, often cause sulfur, heavy metal to exceed mark, and carbon black not dissolve at water, basically pass increase its fineness will obtain chromatic and even goal, its scope of application was restricted on certain level. Dissolve of water of pigment of black sesame seed, color is pure black, do not control the impact of sunshine of temperature, salt, contain a lot ofyellow ketone compound and glucoside of design and color, have to human body keep clear of the action of freedom radical, can raise force of human body immunity, increase human body resistance, in food industry, what pigment of black sesame seed can use extensively at black food is chromatic the development with functional food, health food. Be like black cake (0. 1 % ) , biscuit (0. 5 % ) still can use essence of the chicken that make black (0. 3 % ) , fluid of black chicken profess to convinced (0. 2 - 0. 4 % ) in, still be day of important raw material that changes a product at the same time, shampoo of toilet soap of producible high-grade eyebrow pencil, lipstick, black sesame seed, black sesame seed.
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