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The blemish of of all kinds and plastic beer bottle is analysed

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Of beer plastic change packing is internationally popular topic for discussion, also be a cosmopolitan difficult problem at the same time, have no a maturity up to now can large-scale executive plan.

Plan of a variety of existing plastic beer bottle are put in respective blemish. Be like: 1. PET/EVOH/PET three-layer bottle, bottle wall adsorption is heavy, mouthfeel owes beautiful, pyxis cuts off insufficient, be not lasting effect to cut off, useless bottle reclaims it is especially difficult to use; 2. Bottle of monolayer of MXD6 modified PET, hear resistance is low, diaphaneity is poor, be not lasting effect to cut off; 3. Besmear inside C film / the PET bottle of SIO2 film, manufacturing condition is slashing, block is diaphragmatic and fragile; 4. Bottle of accept rice PET, cut off insufficient or opaque; 5. Bottle of monolayer of PEN modified PET, cut off insufficient; 6. Pure PEN bottle, the price is disrelished expensive.

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