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Shallow the element that talks about influence bishop to clarify

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Bishop quality, the most intuitionistic, what can affect consumer most is clear degree. As commodity, cloudy bishop, no matter mouthfeel character is much good, consumer cannot be accepted. So, vinous clarifies is the mainest problem that wine producer must solve.

With practice experience of these a few years and lesson, what I think bishop clarifies hard is essential and main fermenting level, it is the processing pouring coal tub of later period next.

One, ferment level

The first, when fermenting, pectic enzymatic dosage is insufficient pectic perhaps disclose ability difference enzymaticly, the fruit that the influence with the overmuch keep in causing former wine clarifies is colloid;

The 2nd, when fermenting, hit a loop to perhaps hit circular opportunity too much undeserved, batter down crosses bursa of much peel, fruit, in causing wine, put have the petty particle that sedimentations hard in great quantities;

The 3rd, ferment the depart of the end, the thing that ought not to take wine fluid overmuch region is entered;

2, level of former liquor reserve

The first, former wine first time is detached, fail eliminate is major yeasty, yeasty activity was affected clear.

The 2nd, former wine depart pours coal tub too frequent.

Be eager to depart clarifying more, however because detached opportunity is undeserved, the thing that already will sedimentation again in interfuse wine, give instead clear bring difficulty.

Be based on these analysises, be aimed at clear problem. My individual thinks, after extracting season to reach ripe should do below enough a few jobs:

1, pectic enzymatic dosage, must pass sufficient small try affirmatory. The pectic enzymatic dosage of different level, should according to different level small try affirmatory, and ought not to one extracts Ji Yicheng changeless. Because maturity of different level grapy is differ, pectic content is different.

2, the opportunity that sets dozen of loop strictly, frequency and time. Should set strictly after removing a cap, namely since peel float, fruit bursa is decomposed basically after ending, ability hits a loop. To the experience of in former years and homiletic summary, I think, frequency control is in 4 hours 1 times, time control is in 10 minutes of / second relatively appropriate (ferment early days can shorten / second) , include to drop in temperature dozen of loop.

3, ferment fluid of the wine after the end departs: General situation, we are OK just will ferment the wine cent of the end is mixed for Bai Liu juice compress juice, here what we need to emphasize is cent of Bai Liu juice Bai Liuqing juice and Bai Liu are cloudy juice, although latter amount is very small,do not exceed 5% commonly, but the impact is very big, because of its part principal part is pectic kind of material, clear meeting has the to later period nature after after high speed all pledges, classics centrifugal pump enters clear juice of do as one pleases again very big impact, serious when the likelihood needs to fill afresh after the pectic enzymatic processing that adds 15-20mg/L, the travel when ability uses bentonite issues glue to handle.
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