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New-style and healthy additive agent for food, brief introduction of the starch

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In recent years, the researcher discovers surprizingly, the starch in carbohydrate of a kind of extensive consist in -- the starch that fight a gender, have extensive import more to human health than prandial fiber. 1982, have report when undertaking prandial fiber ration is analysed, discovery has starch to be wrapped to be buried in not dissolve sex is prandial the phenomenon in fiber, this part starch is to fight sexual starch by the definition. The discovery of the starch that fight a gender caused the great interest of people, its physics is characteristic (wait like structure of molecular quantity, degree of polymerization, space) with the heat that the circumstance digests to become people to consider inside body.

"The starch that fight a gender " be in recent years a arisen new idea, 1992 world grain farming the organization suggests according to the expert, its the definition is " healthy person the starch that does not absorb in small intestine and its degradation child " . In recent years study already preliminary proof, "The starch that fight a gender " cannot be digested to absorb by small intestine and offer dextrose, it can be given birth to in colon rational bacterium ferments, produce fatty acid of short cable length and gas, exciting and beneficial bacterium group grow, its are beneficial action and prandial fiber likeness, be thought to belong to prandial fibrous a kind. "The starch that fight a gender " the heat that already became research of Euramerican state provision, nutrition at present.

As a result of " the starch that fight a gender " main physiology function is to supply the energy with abiding low-down, its full abdomen effect is more lasting also. World Health Organization thinks in newest report, "The starch that fight a gender " have adjust the action of blood sugar. Epidemiology considers to make clear, the toxin such as the amine in food accumulates in colon, the likelihood is a when colonic cancer happens main reason. And the area with amylaceous high consumption, the occurence rate of colonic cancer is remarkable under the area with amylaceous small consumption, estimation and " the starch that fight a gender " of intake more or less to concern. Investigator observes, use those who contain 40 % " the starch that fight a gender " week of number of small rat of feed feed model, the serous cholesterol of small rat and triglyceride can adjust normal level. Additional, "The starch that fight a gender " there also is particular function in control weight respect.

Fight the character of sexual starch and amylaceous essentially similar, after be being added in food, it won't affect the sense organ of food and qualitative compose in that way like prandial fiber. Above all its color is white, add in food to won't make food presents a rebarbative color. Next, its are held hydraulic low, water imbibition is poor, suit to be used at baking to bake food, if biscuit, music is strange,wait. The 3rd, the grain with easy petty wear is added in food drink, won't produce sand feeling. The 4th, it and common starch are same, but Peng is changed, and its are not affected to fight digestibility after Peng is changed, because this can change the accretion of food as Peng. The 5th, gelatinization temperature is higher, can add any hot-working food almost medium and do not affect its to fight digestive function.
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