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Make fruit Pu syrup with yam

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Fruit Pu syrup is the amylaceous candy brilliant that by plant starch hydrolysis and isomerization make, have distinctive local color, it is a kind of important sweet taste agent. Because its composition basically is fructose and dextrose; Reason is called " fruit Pu syrup " . Syrup of manufacturing fruit Pu does not suffer area and seasonal limitation, equipment is simpler, investment expenses is inferior.

1, technological process: Yam is amylaceous -- size mixing -- saccharification -- counteract -- decolour -- filter -- colophony is handled -- evaporate -- isomerization -- decolour -- colophony is handled -- evaporate -- finished product

2, craft operates a point:

① size mixing: Add partial water first inside the bucket that move pink, yam starch is joined below mix condition, cast makings end, continue to add water to make starch milk achieves formulary chroma (40% ) , join hydrochloric acid adjustment to be worth to PH next for 18.

② saccharify: The starch milk of mix up, send water saccharify coal tub with acid-proof pump, into makings end open force of steam valve step up to come 2.8 kilogram / square or so centimeters, maintain this pressure 3 ~ 5 minutes of sampling, with 20% iodine fluid checks saccharification terminus. When saccharification fluid encounters the iodic red that show sauce, can put makings counteract.

③ counteracts: Saccharification fluid turns to counteract a bucket to undertake neutralization, ration is joined to abandon charcoal to make filter aid when beginning agitate, join solution of 10% sodium carbonate to counteract stage by stage, it is 4.6 ~ when PH 4.8 when, open a makings a powerful person, the immediately of clear sugar juice that sends filter wide filter to go out sugar juice with pump is cooling to 60 Celsius, juice of the sugar after refrigeration undertakes decolour.

④ decolour: Clear sugar juice puts decolour bucket inside, join mensurable activated carbon to follow add along with mix, decolour agitate time is not gotten little at 5 minutes, send to filter again next, filter gives clear liquid Cheng Fang to reserve inside lay aside bucket.

⑤ colophony exchanges: Qing Dynasty of filter of first time decolour fluid sends to bed of ion exchange filter to undertake desalination extract and decolour. Sugar juice is passed, in relief, shade, in relief, shade after bed of 4 fat filter, inside bucket of lay aside candy square PH value comes 3.8 ~ 4.2.

⑥ evaporates: After colophony is exchanged, the sugar juice that PH of accurate mix up is worth, use pump to send to evaporator, maintain vacuum to spend in above of 500 millimeter mercuric column. Heat vapour pressure must not exceed 1 kilogram / square centimeter, be in when sugar juice chroma 42% ~ 50% the left and right sides, can go out makings.

⑦ isomerization: solid alien compose enzymatic backfill reacts at erect heat preservation inside column, reaction temperature control is in 65 Celsius, purificatory sugar juice is entered by capital makings, had shed enzymatic column, undertake isomerization reacts, go out from column bottom again makings, successive operation, also can enter by column bottom makings, through enzymatic column, go out from capital makings. When be in optimal PH to be worth because of enzymatic vigor, can develop catalysis adequately, response rate is rapid, time is short, the rate that candy cent decomposes pair of reaction happening is low, the color of the juice of different compose sugar of earning is light, refine easily, so, the model with the different enzymatic compose that the PH value size of juice of the sugar when isomerization should use by place and decision.
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