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Shallow talk about soybean products to be in bake the food that bake applies med

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Soja raises composition with its extremely whole camp, outstanding healthy value becomes the first selection of personage of contemporary pursuit health increasingly. Soybean products is in bake the food that bake applies mediumly, not only improved greatly bake the character of the food that bake, raised the expiration period of the product, reduced manufacturing cost, the mainest is soybean products offerred protein of rich high quality vegetable, made up for the inadequacy that animal albumen absorbs in our country food, rose to bake the nutrient value of the food that bake.

Current, the big bean products in applying at baking to bake food basically has grease kind goods, phosphatide kind goods, albumen kind goods and by-product of a few treatment () of yellow ketone of different of for example soja.

One, grease kind goods is in bake the food that bake applies mediumly

Grease is to bake of the food that bake advocate one of makings, some cake are as high as 50 % with oily quantity. Bake the commonly used grease in the food that bake has vegetable oil, animal oil, hydrogenated oil and fat, and soya-bean oil is to bake one of more commonly used vegetable oil in the food that bake. Additional, soya-bean oil also is one of raw material that manufacture hydrogenated oil and fat, and hydrogenated oil and fat has excel because of its the plasticity of average fat, emulsibility, remove crisp sex and consistency to become bake the good raw material of the food that bake. Soya-bean oil also is one of main raw material of the ghee since complete hydrogen sulfide, but the matter that has odour reply because of its, edible quantity is unfavorable more than 30 % , the ghee since sex of plant of complete hydrogen sulfide can absorb 150 % - the moisture of 200 % , emulsification performance is good, goods maintains certain moisture, make cake loose and goluptious.

2, phosphatide kind goods is in bake the food that bake applies mediumly

Soja lecithin is a kind of muti_function additive agent for food, express above all it is a kind of very good emulsifying agent now, the emulsification system that is water bag oil or oily bag water no matter all applicable, its HLB value is 2-12. As fast dissolvent, the embellish that lecithin can help powder of tone low hydrophily already is wet and spend dispersedly, make its agglomerate not easily when mix, the embellish that also can improve hydrophoby powder is wet and spend dispersedly. Solve the difficult dissolve problem of the product. Pass chemical modified and hydrogen sulfide. Acetyl is changed and the action such as enzymatic hydrolyze can make the lecithin of special purpose. Special lecithin can apply extensively at containing chemical Peng loose agent bake in the goods that bake, wait like cake and biscuit. This kind of product uses the flour raw material of low protein to be made commonly, the volume that contain fat is very high. The advantage that uses lecithin is to conduce to adipose and balanced diffuse, decrease to be extended proteinly, prevent the formation of gluten, in order to obtain ringing, downy, tastily mouthfeel; The agitate that can promote raw material at the same time mixes, reduce time of raw material compound substantially. The cake to muffin, cracker and easy disintegrate kind wait for a product for, still have drawing of patterns to leave model function.
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