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Food goods shelves period, protect character period shallow analyse of the desig

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No matter be plant sex food, animal sex food or man-made food, they can be in raw material, burden, treatment, pack, mix with fixed rate in the process of keep in storage, sale, consumption means loses his original character, cause food invalidation and acid to be defeated. To ensure the edible safety of consumer, the goods shelves that the food that leave factory must make clear his to be able to assure safe edible stores time, according to national Department of Commerce of 2004 " findings report of Chinese food safety " show, at present the consumer of 85% been buyinging China goods shelves period is paid attention to when food; At the same time goods shelves period is food element of the 3rd consideration after manufacturing business is wrapping material intensity and price, because of longer goods shelves period can realize a product to the greastest extent sale and gain are the biggest change, also can make the product can be achieved at the same time farther vaster sale market.

To achieve longer goods shelves period, manufacturing chamber of commerce is joined in food last appropriately anticorrosive additive, will restrain microbial growth and breed, with lengthening food save time, although national regulation has antiseptic of 25 kinds of spendable, acerbity calcium of acerbity Potassium of pear of as acerbity as benzoic acid, benzoic acid natrium, Shan Li, hill, third, but the ceaseless and long-term development that studies as science, was thought some before safe additive, still be had by discovery now potential insecure factor. Use less even need not anticorrosive additive just is our better choice. ;

To obtain this goal, we need to install the proceed with on design and material from the bag. Among them MAP (air air) packing is one of methods that we apply increasingly. In MPA process, the product is packed to be in the gas atmosphere that differs with air, basically be to pass the contact that reduces the product inside the expiration period and oxygen, will lengthen the expiration period of the product. In enraging tone to pack a process, after loading food, not before heal, it is vacuumize above all, divide deoxygenate to enrage as far as possible, next fill enters nitrogen, carbon dioxide or other gas. Nitrogen basically is to rise to disinfect action, diluent the oxygen in packing and carbon dioxide, reduce oxidation, also remove the action that packs to stability at the same time. Carbon dioxide has the action that restrains bacterium and fungus. To fresh fruit and vegetable, the aerobic content in enraging tone to pack is in 1% ~ 5% between be safety, but to potato piece, the tall grease food such as ripe meat products, aerobic content must more under 1% the following.

After choosing air air to pack a design, the gas that what we should consider next is the material that pack cuts off function. Because if cut off the gender is very poor, the gas experience that fills is over in the ooze inside short time, or can many inside short time infiltration packs the oxygen of the outside inside, the function of that air air was lost. The osmosis as a result of oxygen the fivefold above that rate is nitrogen commonly, and oxygen also is the main reason that causes food metamorphism, be in so evaluate material to gas cut off when function, we need to check those who pack pair of oxygen to cut off only function. Pack cut off function is concerned with the material that pack, also make with what whole packs about, seal those who close to be able to affect whole pack with sealing to cut off because of what pack function, the cap of a little bottled food and the close together sex of collect grain also are influencing factor.

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