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Essence raw material and treatment craft

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Essence of life is oily (Essentialoil) : ? of  of silent Pu Qiao is plant sex the main breed of natural flavor, to raw material of most plant sex, basically make oil extraction essence of life with vapor distill law and milling process

Extract (Concrete) : And Mi of lame arrow of  of imprison of ginseng of bald Tuo of  of extensive foot  is blown? of ∥ of leg of afraid of Xiang of  of prize of ㄋ Xi Mu uses dip of volatile organic dissolvent to carry flavor plant first, again distillation reclaims, hangover is extract namely

Fourth agent of the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches (Tincture) : Assist already Kou? is it is solvent with alcohol, in room temperature or heat the dip below the condition lifts earnings of plant raw material

Only oil (Absolute) : The extractive fluid that assist of blown away by wind drives face cream of? of leg 〗  or colophony earning to arrive, through refrigerant processing, filter goes not the impurity such as the waxiness of dissolve, again decompression distill goes alcohol, what get only oil, it is to allocate the beautiful of cosmetic and perfume to taste

Face cream (Pomade) : Magnesian  frequency mu does barrier of  of  of Tuo of cadmium of  ⒅ ginseng sail cangue of ㄖ instrument Mu angries does Mei of Shan of evil spirit foot fall flinch Tuo?

Balm (Balsam) : Lin joins what? of  of a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice of ± of ancient name for a kind of scorpion of Dun of  of expostulate with of cadmium take along sth to sb contains sweet ingredient oozily to cream now account other people

Colophony (Resin) :

Sweet colophony (Resinoid) :

Oily colophony (Oleoresin) :

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