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New standard of leather egg country is passed authorized

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Already carried out level of leather egg state in our country edit the job, had been finished a few days ago and passed an expert authorized. Yesterday, the reporter understands, new bid will go to contain lead traditionally to machined craft to undertake improvement definitely, the leather egg henceforth is made will use craft of the treatment that do not have lead entirely, once this standard passes national level appoint final approval, the craft containing lead of leather egg will exit historical arena from now on, consumer also need not fear leather egg contains lead to measure the problem that exceeds mark again.

New castigatory level of leather egg state, from be helpful for food quality safety setting out, the tradition in deleting standard of former skin egg contains lead to machine craft, added craft of the treatment that do not have lead newly. In new standard, made strict regulation to the quantity containing lead of leather egg -- do not be more than 0.5 milligram / kilogram, this one content is compared active " standard of egg product sanitation " in the content of leather egg lead of the requirement 2 milligram / kilogram was reduced many. Since had used the craft that do not have lead, why can the regulation of the quantity that contain lead still appear in leather egg, about the personage the explanation says, the craft that do not have lead is to point to to plumbic compound is not used in the process that machines in leather egg, do not be equal to leather egg not to have lead completely, because be in bright egg, air, water, soil,all contain a few lead, safety should is inside state specified standards only. As we have learned, return in new standard newest wrote leather egg to be in current medium product recall, complemented leather egg stores, traffic condition requirement, also undertook to mercuric, cadmium, chromic content set limit to sets at the same time.

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