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Level of leather egg state is in authorized

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On August 29 morning, in national Department of Commerce current property promotes meeting hall of the center, come from Department of Commerce, committee of standardization of Ministry of Public Health, country, China the expert of 13 units such as university of middle peasant course of study, level of leather egg state undertook leading castigatory of limited company of healthy to Hubei god red food authorized. Expert attending the meeting is right of leather egg standard edit the job gave height the evaluation, agree consistently to report a country to standardize commission approval to carry out.

Standard of egg of skin of new castigatory country, key from be helpful for food quality safety setting out, the tradition in deleting standard of former skin egg contains lead to machine craft, added craft of the treatment that do not have lead newly. The quantity containing lead of egg of skin of regulation of leather egg standard is not more than new castigatory 0. Kilogram of 5 milligram / , content of leather egg lead dropped than original standard 5 times, end the history of craft of treatment having lead of tradition of egg of our country skin from now on, consumer also need not fear leather egg contains lead to measure the problem that exceeds mark again, the food that makes leather egg loves this by broad consumer, more accord with modern people health to consume a concept. Besides new standard still increased mercuric, cadmium, chromium and index of partial antibiotic set limit to and leather egg current medium product recall, complemented leather egg stores, traffic condition requirement. The healthy progress that leather egg standard is opposite new castigatory to drive industry of egg of our country skin further and consumption will produce main effect.

Because use craft having lead,the plumbic content of leather egg of production is head and shoulders above level of new castigatory state, proclaimed in fact the end that already the leather egg of year of on thousand history has plumbic craft, leather egg all will need to use production of the craft that do not have lead henceforth.

The craft that do not have lead is to point to to plumbic compound is not used in the process that machines in leather egg, do not be equal to leather egg not to have lead completely, because new egg, air, water, soil is medium,all contain a few lead.

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