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Butter and brigadier of cheese state label come on stage

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Cheese divides 5 kinds of butter divides 3 kinds

Rose on December 1 from this year, about butter and cheese the national label brigadier of two kinds of products begins to carry out. In cheese standard, undertook classified according to adipose content to cheese product first.

Press adipose content, can divide cheese into tall fat, complete fat, medium fat, part is defatted and defatted wait for 5 kinds. Adipose content should be less than the dry matter in setting defatted cheese 10% , and adipose content still should indicate in cheese product.

The moisture of butyric product sets to answer in butyric GB not prep above 16% , and the moisture content of anhydrous butter should not exceed 0.1% . Butyric product also is divided by butterfat fat content for rare butter, butter (butter) with anhydrous butter 3 kinds. Among them, content of fat of rare grandma grease is inferior, content of grandma grease fat is higher, and anhydrous butter is the product with moisture extremely low content.

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