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Standard of tea seed oily quality is rolled out formally

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Oily quality standard rolls out the tea seed that trains center and seed of tea of abundant of Zhejiang a gathering of things or people to develop limited company integratedly to be made jointly by Chinese spacefarer scientific research formally a few days ago. This is called the standard of source of world new nutrition, fill domestic international is in the blank of this respect.

China is the world produces tea big country, tea garden gross area amounts to 1.6 million hectare, the province of completely state-owned 2/3 cultivates tea, experience tea farmer amounts to 80 million person to control. The whole nation can produce seed of many tons of 400 tea every year, can extract tea seed oil 520 thousand tons, calculate according to the expert, this is equivalent to rapeseed of 470 thousand hectare petroliferous quantity. A few days ago, expert of oily group of a few food of domestic, agriculture bound, tea bound is in Hangzhou with respect to tea seed oil company quality standard undertakes delibrate.

Seminar of culture of China International tea is standing vice-chairman Song Shaoxiang thinks, of this one standard make, the edible safety that regards new-style edible as oil for its offerred scientific basis. Tea seed is the seed that tea cultivates, blossommed every year in September pollination, the 2nd year around of the Beginning of Winter is collected close. The growth period with long classics of tea seed all previous, accumulate containing rich and precious nutrition ingredient. China is in early 400 try to extract oil from inside tea seed before New Year more, but eventually because its part is complex, cannot edible.

Chinese spacefarer scientific research trains Chen Bin of director of central food lab to say: "Of standard of this one quality make, for the enterprise standardization production offerred fundamental condition. Once tea seed is oily mass production, oily to common edible plant entrance will be OK decrease. Oily to common edible plant entrance will be OK decrease..

Modern medicine considers to make clear, the tea much phenol with the not saturated fatty acid that contains in tea seed oil, vitamin E and peculiar tea, tea is alkaline wait for composition, have blood-vessel of precautionary heart head disease, fight radiation, defer the action such as consenescence.

"Tea seed can be made not only take tea seed oil, the series product such as saponin of fertilizer of wine of producible still tea, biology, tea. " Song Shaoxiang says: "If tea seed of China can get developing using, will form a new industry group of one billion three hundred and sixteen million one hundred and thirty-four thousand nine hundred and twelve yuan of RMBs. " (reporter Wang Yue)

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