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" the beverage that contain breast " (GB/T21732-2008) standard 11.1 carry out

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The reporter pledges from city inspect bureau learns now, classics state level appoint approval is issued, " the beverage that contain breast " (brigadier of GB/T21732-2008) state label was carried out formally on November 1, 2008.

Lactobacillus breeds beverage is the accepted healthy food on international, it is to use high grade milk to ferment through lactobacillus, produce a large number of beneficial to human body lactobacillus and lactobacillus beneficial metabolization child, have in maintaining human body small ecological balance, consolidate bowel the integrality of protective screen, enhance immune resistance mechanism, precautionary stomach ailment and function are maladjusted the action of disease. In the meantime, it still can enhance the absorption of pair of nutrition in milk, avoided the lactose with common compatriots to not be able to bear or endure disease, this is qualitative to enhancing compatriots body, the meaning is far-reaching.

Accordingly, make " the beverage that contain breast " the standard will unite product quality, special be necessary. It is reported, make this " the beverage that contain breast " the standard is the advanced standard that conforms with international, new to did not enlarge production, development product all has benefit, it is the essential code that the company grows.

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