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" management of apian product production is normative " come on stage

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" management of apian product production is normative " (GB/T 21528-2008) national level is carried out formally on August 1 from this year. This is afterwards " honey " national level was carried out 2006 hind, national level appoint the national level of the safety of quality of concerned bee product that comes on stage again. Evaluate this GB about personage height come on stage, point out, it brings into standardization management system apiculture domain first, fill the blank of level of administration of production of bee product raw material, the administer thoroughlying that reflected a country to pledge in honey product quantity safety superintends a respect thought, be concept of overall quality management is specific reflect, arise the healthy progress to Chinese bee industry main effect, develop the interest to protect consumer main effect.

China is the world big country of the first apiculture, rise as people living standard, sanitarian consciousness increases, the sanitarian effect of bee product is valued by more and more people. However, as a result of market potential tremendous and industry threshold is not high, the enterprise that swarms into bee product market thousands of, the product is uneven, wait for a problem to also appear subsequently really with pretend to be. A few enterprises or non-standard production, or product of sham famous brand, affect industry reputation and healthy progress badly, also let consumer not know what to do.

The expert points out, bee produces the problem that tastes quality, the producer type that makes lane type with apiculture handiwork on one hand and dimensions of bee product company extensive of low, management has level of small, technology to concern closely; Also concern with devoid country relative standard on the other hand, raise the quality standard of bee product national level to come up only, ability hopeful raises the quality of bee product.

" management of apian product production is normative " the raw material that involved all bee product produces link, process of environment of the systematism management that produces to apiculture, establishment and machines and tools, work, production, record and archives management, mark and but date from sex, and of apian product pack, keep in storage, carry and consign, made specific provision.

"Bee product produces national level of management to come on stage, it is the basic measure that ensures from fountainhead apian product quality is safe " , yi Shouyuan (Beijing) Chen Gongjun of president of bee product limited company expresses, "This also is the protection that produces enterprise and famous brand enterprise to the standard inside the industry, the healthy progress that produces moral course of study to promoting Chinese bee possesses great sense " .

Causing what industry fixes eyes on is " apian product production manages a standard " of place establish " but system of date from sex " , ask production manages whole process to want to have the true, clear, record that identify easily and retrieves namely, ensure to be recorded inside 3 years but date from sex, with making product of potential insecure bee can deal with or recall, ensure can from the apian product restrospect to of consign bee product produces fountainhead. The personage inside course of study says to this evaluation, such regulation, the bee product company of system of whole to having safe production is most welcome, and the small company that ensures to those devoid quality inside the industry, may be disaster.
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