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Our country will rise army for level of soya bean grade

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The reporter learns from the General Logistics Department today, via approval of Ministry of finance, horse and foot and soya bean of armed police army supply grade level, by national level second-class rise first-class, new grade level is carried out since a few days ago.

It is reported, this the country is adjusted raise army soya bean to supply grade level, it is afterwards adjusted face of rice of northern region force to supply 2004 scale and after raising horse and foot and oil of edible of armed police army to supply grade level 2007, adjust what supply a level to army provisions again. So far, horse and foot and armed police army are all army provisions supplies breed, all achieve the top quality grade in standard of national grain oily beans.

According to always hind chief of branch of oil plants of military supplies goods and materials introduces, in recent years, below the attention of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, central the Central Military Commission and consideration, country and branch of director of military concerned food deepen army provisions to supply system reform ceaselessly, perfect army provisions supplies administrative measure, built the army provisions that as dweller of our country town standard of living rises and trends adjusts to supply safeguard mechanism, army provisions supplies quality to rise ceaselessly. Of new standard issue carry out, ensure a level to raising army provisions further, optimize army prandial structure, quality of life of promotion officers and soldiers has important import.

It is those who do good army provisions to supply new standard to fulfil the job, always hind branch of oil plants of military supplies goods and materials allotted a few days ago " about adjusting army the announcement that supplies level of grade of soya bean quality " , requirement horse and foot and armed police army press new standard organization strictly to raise money supply, the standard purchases channel, strengthen supply management, raise bean products to make a level, adjust hard, improve life of troops officers and soldiers.

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