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Wine state level upgraded 2009 for compulsive standard

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"A particular year of bishop random bid " , " ' bishop ' former without a grape juice " waited for a phenomenon to damage vinous figure greatly. For this, rose on January 1 from next year, total bureau of national qualitative check and national level appoint what release jointly is new " bishop is mandatory national level " will carry out in manufacturing domain, by recommend instead of sexual state level mandatory national level, will be a name in order to achieve industry standard henceforth, but real quality far the bishop of level of short of state, will cannot be in the market pass away the sham as the genuine.

Since January 1, 2008, what bishop carries out is mandatory national level, basically tagged a form to put forward in the light of vinous a particular year and producing area mandatory regulation, requirement:  of those of Pi of salty bifurcation of bay Po terpene sunlights Xian Xun of look of Long of box of a bitter edible plant of ⒌ where Po burns   of which Po Jin moves Xian Ya of terpene of Po of heart washing with watercolors attacks health?0% of  of level ground of imperial mandate of bad Tuo of  of  urgent soil. If be " breed bishop " , the wine place that asks the grape breed wine that tags with place is made holds proportion not 75% under wine content. To " producing area bishop " , ask, the wine place that makes with wine of tags producing area grape holds proportion not 80% under wine content.

As we have learned, by originally recommend sexual standard " upgrade " those who be mandatory standard is bishop not merely, the commodity with the more question such as honey, moon cake, baby carrier also increased in succession mandatory GB. For example, before March 1, 2006, " honey " national level recommends a gender, the enterprise is used of one's own accord. A lot of honey built false enterprise to get this chance, formulate the industry standard that recommends sexual standard under the country greatly, put on record about the branch to place, built a holiday to drape for honey " lawful " appearance. National standardization committee is helpless under will " honey " national level by recommend instead mandatory standard, the quality of honey improves somewhat instantly.

2006, the national level of moon cake also by recommend sexual instead mandatory standard. Children car chain does not close the problem is serious, the disappear in the course assist drive actively, what publish children car eventually is mandatory national level.

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