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Liquor industry value added tax evaluates brigadier of index parameter new bid t

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On August 5, " wine of an ancient name for China signs up for " the reporter learns from concerned branch, recently, total bureau of national tax Wu is right pay taxes evaluates the production such as nicotian, oil, liquor, car, autocycle and the value added tax that sell an enterprise index parameter made new standard. This action is further normative the standard judging duty of current trade, forecast company revenue to science it is burden, important to strengthen taxation to change management to rise subtly action.

" wine of an ancient name for China signs up for " the reporter understands, total bureau of Wu of this state tax not only evaluate index parameter to make to pay taxes of partial industry value added tax adjust, still evaluated a method to raise guiding opinion to industry pay taxes. In the light of liquor industry raw material is purchased and bad news is checked hard with the amount, manufacturing technology existence of complex, rate giving wine is bigger difference, associated trade, the phenomenon such as ready money business is commonner wait for a characteristic, put forward duty to lose comparative analysis law, investment to yield law, specific power consumption calculates law, piece rate to analyse numeration of pool of law, wine, fill to install norm of bad news report to calculate across of law, selling quantity to check law, correlation to market a firm evaluate a model.

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