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Qinghai saved the food such as skin of eight treasures tea, wine to have local s

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Dispatch of Qinghai news network recently, skin of the eight treasures tea that by province quality technology supervisory information management center weaves, wine, sweet Pei standard of characteristic of 3 places food, those who passed panelist is authorized.

The standard weaves the branch is on the foundation of market survey, sampling, union consumes a habit, strict according to " the special provision that the State Council manages about strengthening the product safety such as food to supervise " concerned requirement, skin, sweet to eight treasures tea, wine Pei level of provision of 3 places characteristic changes index, microbial index, test gauge to waited for a respect to make a regulation from technical requirement, manage. Each index with this certain level is scientific rigorous, straightaway, maneuverability is strong.

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