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" the safe requirement of cake production and sale " national level has been fin

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On August 29, the reporter learns from Chinese trade union, take the lead by this chamber of commerce make " the safe requirement of cake production and sale " national level has been finished at present. Mark of the name of the person that the label of food of standard requirement our country should have watch of name, burden, clean content, maker, generator and distribute and address, date and deposit guideline, quality / the standard of quality rating, product the information such as date.

This standard returns a requirement, food produces an enterprise to produce workshop technology administrator to should produce an instruction clearly each, right from raw material test and verify, get with, make up, the circumstance such as quality of semifinished product crop, product and wholesome index undertakes manufacturing a record. Be opposite especially raw material supplier, must ask to issue and the certificate of member of system of its commodity bar code, patent certificate that belongs to patent quality goods, commodity enters examine and verify region of letter of approval of report of the licence that this area sells, merchandise inspection, health food, green food certificate, country of origin is special certificate of approval of epidemic prevention of mark proof, animal, organic produce (17.11, 0.1, 0.59% , ) certificate, without producing area of produce of social effects of pollution cognizance certificate, agriculture turns gene biology label is examined approbate approval file to wait.

To importing a product, also ask to need examine and verify to import health food to approve sanitation of health food of card, entrance certificate of examine and verify of label of provision of certificate, import, entrance moves a plant to must offer People's Republic of China discrepancy condition examines quarantine enters a country goods examines condition of discrepancy of quarantine proof, People's Republic of China examines quarantine enters a country goods is connected close sheet to wait.

To ensure provision is safe, this standard still asks the product of all food company pledges check reports should be classics province, ground (city) the metric attestation that accredit of bureau above government sector approbates / examine approbate detect branch issued qualitative check report, detect the project should undertake according to the executive standard of commodity complete detect.

In addition, " the safe requirement of cake production and sale " national level asks strictly still: Refrigerant with cold storage food is in assemble and unassemble and discrepancy library must assure cold chain continuously effective, pint of the business in any link must not exceed 30 minutes from cold chain time. And door inn personnel records sale of stock source, the name of an article, amount, day in detail even, once discover a problem,accomplish, OK and rapid restrospect to produces fountainhead.

It is reported, " method of cake quality inspection " national level already also was made end. Current, level of these two states is asking for an opinion extensively, introduce according to relevant controller, around of the end of the year of hopeful of two states level comes on stage

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