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Beijing a registered trademark of manufacturing fake brand-name vendors seasonin

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According to the voice, "the Central Broadcasting News" reported today (16) morning, the Beijing Daxing District People's Court with the "manufacture of counterfeit brand-name condiments trademark" case, Lee Kum Kee, Laoganma, Kellogg, Nestle should Have to do so, the defendant fake brand-name spices to bear the legal consequences? CCTV connections Sun Ying. Moderator: Why did the accused so many fake brand-name spices, mainly are sold where? Reporter: Qiu Weihua defendant owner of the trademark without permission, in Daxing Area with land, to self, filling, affixed to mark produced "LKK" Guilin chili sauce, "beautiful" flavor juice soy sauce Condiments. Zhang Lianting for drivers hired after the defendant, the defendant often forest porters, the spices shipped to other emerging wholesale sales. January 2010, the accused Zhang Lianting public security organs on the spot, often forest seized and brought to justice, also seized, "Lee Kum Kee" Guilin chili sauce 266 boxes, "Lee Kum Kee" God of Wealth oyster sauce 35 boxes, "happy families" Chicken 32 boxes, "happy families" Concentrated Chicken 7 boxes, "happy families" 14 boxes of fresh dew, Nestle, "beautiful" 155 delicious juice boxes, Nestle "maggi" chicken powder 565 boxes, "Laoganma" flavor of tempeh 338 boxes of illegal business volume of 160000 yuan. Also recovered Large bags, trademarks, cartons and other packaging materials and blenders, sealing machine and other tools. Host: dare to make so many defendants famous condiment, certainly is profitable, he will be what kind of criminal liability, the court pronounced how? Reporter: public prosecution that the accused has not been registered in the case of owner of the trademark license, trademark counterfeiting is a particularly serious circumstances, constitute the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks, that is, producers are the main culprit Qiu Weihua, handling Workers and drivers are accomplices. Counsel had no objection to the charges against him, but that their actions did not meet prosecutor accused of particularly serious circumstances, the amount should be 15 million or less, all the goods have been confiscated, and no serious The consequences of their guilty plea and that attitude is better, we recommend a lighter punishment. Have the court adjourned the trial, said after the court verdict will not be such case also reminds consumers that more to the regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy spices, not to small business operators and some large wholesale market Place to buy these spices.
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