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Combine benefit China dressing to razzia kitchen (one)

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Does palace protect gallinaceous man to match salad? Combine Lihuatong to design new course to taste for restaurant too, undertake grooming waiting for a service to large kitchen, make its dressing scores more kitchens.

July, beijing east 40 big direct roast duck inn between a bag of 2 buildings in, be as long as 5 hours " meal bureau " in undertaking.

Between the bag inside, 15 people surround the dining table that sit to go up not to see dish of rice bowl dish, those who replace is notebook computer and measuring projector. Without banquet between push cup change small cup, everybody's line of sight projects in metope centrally on the forecasts about market analysis chart that go out and character.

These people are not common deadbeat, outside coming from the delegate that combines benefit China food to engineer different function branch except 6, other it is big direct the total hutch of roast duck inn. After ending about the discussion of market information in 3 hours, the kitchen with downstair fight in some places one by one of two gangs forces, choose the dressing that combines benefit China to differ to exhibit skill severally, sample each other communication.

In this communication, the palace that dietary plan spot demonstrates protects gallinaceous Ding Gensha to pull or the combination of sweetmeats lets big direct chef people find everything new and fresh. This new bill of fare is likely more the appetite that accords with those foreign guests, then, big direct the palace that the decision adds this kind of innovation on the menu that rolls out newly in August protects gallinaceous man.

Actually, in very long before this period of time, beijing is big direct couplet of Dong Zhenxiang of president of finite liability company, general manager adds up to roast duck inn the acknowledge of branch of plan of benefit China diet is finite, "Do not sell dressing namely, can you still do assorted? ? ??

Big direct roast duck inn and combine benefit China food to engineer a branch (food of the following abbreviation is engineered) collaboration already had 3 years, in the kitchen of this famous dining-room, can find the dressing that many latter manufacture. But because combine benefit China to was used all the time in the past,produce business with other dressing people similar product sells manner, because of this to Dong Zhenxiang character, this partner more resembling is " familiar stranger " .

In April, dietary plan is on a news briefing, the move of the model on T stage installs the colour that tastes with dish to unite, the raw material with different union and dressing let dish body reveal the originality of a kind of health, fashionable food trend, this makes attendant Dong Zhenxiang impressive. "This the activity is not simple product recommend, it is the sublimate of a kind of concept completely, also strengthened me to admit to theirs? Knowledge. Knowledge..
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