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The travelling merchant that breath out a country casts 5 ten million to build X

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Invest industry of resource, energy abroad in succession in Xinjiang enterprise while, in inferior travelling merchant also is full of interest to the characteristic produce resource of near neighbour Xinjiang. Can go up in this second black be in harmony, the limited company of food of travelling merchant Xinjiang Tan of republic of Kazakstan Si Tan is contributive formal autograph restricts the produces per year 15 million tons ketchup production item that in Chang Jizhou county of Er of Ji Mu Sa builds 50 million yuan, this is first foreign ketchup that invests in Xinjiang factory.

The Kelimu of limited company of Xinjiang Tan food vise general manager says, xinjiang is the place with kind of first-rate tomato, and alone couplet body country is very big to the demand market of ketchup, because this company decides,sauce factory invests in Xinjiang. Additional, last year second half of the year, price of international market ketchup goes high all the way, appear for a time 1500 dollars / ton high price, their company earned brushstroke in this prices.

As we have learned, the project that this Wu Qia signs on the meeting is the 2nd ketchup factory that the travelling merchant that breath out a country invests in Xinjiang. This company invested 7.4 million dollar to build day to produce 800 tons ketchup plant in new and high district of prosperous auspicious city 2006, successful export the product alone couplet system nation.


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