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Company of production of vinegar of 8 sauce of Yinchuan city is announced " deat

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4 days pledge from Yinchuan city inspect bureau understands, yinchuan city Xi Daqing is true the 8 sauce vinegar such as limited company produces sauce vinegar because the enterprise produces an environment not to accord with quality of requirement, product to cannot be ensured, be cancelled to produce licence. The company of sauce vinegar production that at present Yinchuan city obtains manufacturing licence is only 3, it is vinegar of 3 benefit Islamic sauce respectively the 3 Ningxia of city of finite liability company, Yinchuan that protect limited company of medlar biology science and technology and manufacturing medlar vinegar limited company of 10 thousand sweet food.

To build safe consumptive environment, ensure percent of pass of sampling observation of vinegar of sauce of the end of the year achieves 90% above this year, yinchuan city began soy first half of the year, feed vinegar special punish. Sampling observation of unwarrantable its production condition, individual product is successive after discovering partial business presence obtains card in the examination unqualified, and the problem such as treatment of producer goods of use blame food. 8 enterprises that qualitative inspect branch asks to according with a technology instruct its deadline to rectify and reform lawfully, but because these enterprises are not rectified and reform,reach the designated position, the regulation cancels its food to produce licence related the basis.


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