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Vinegar of holy fruit persimmon: < strong humorous of bed of partridge Ju

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Traditional persimmon vinegar is well worth doing

Channel mouth peach is changed bloom, sloping field persimmon cultivates Cheng Lin. In the city zone of river ferry city on horn of northeast of village of bay of street rice home, in former days on desolate channel slope, much factory of a coolie, it does not have lofty chimney, without dazzling workshop, make this canaliculus slope abrupt however lively rise. This is Sun Jun of this village villager gives birth to the persimmon vinegar processing factory that establish.

On January 2, the author walked into this factory. See one grows an unconscious basin on long heated kang to heating only barmy vinegar base, wave sweet acetic juice is fresh in crock of one smooth porcelain give furnace. Sun Jun is unripe say: "Pure sweet acidity often makes here client is filled with the door, the product demands exceeds supply accordingly. The product demands exceeds supply accordingly..

Nowadays, on the long-distance car that gallop, in the train of howl, the river ferry person that have never met before is in casual a meeting discovery, they are in happen to coincide the ground " vinegar of holy fruit persimmon " as the gift beautiful is tasted belt to far and near.

A mind which perceives both past and future knowledge gets business chance

Sun Jun is born to ever assumed office at Beijing some press, be engaged in a book issueing the job for years, it is an informed person. After return to one's native place, he was in the start that his does poineering work surely in this wide world of hometown rural area.

In the one belt austral advance, vinegar of persimmon of edible of people all along. Domestic home has persimmon tree, vinegar of annual wine persimmon becomes a kind already consuetudinary. Persimmon vinegar is people a day not only the dressing with 3 indispensable eat, and the function that still has officinal, health care. But the change as environment, the branch is numerous in former days Xie Mao, lush the old persimmon of my day is cultivated in succession sere, people has be used to old persimmon vinegar was become unexpectedly rare the content that be short of. Intentional Sun Jun is born to be opposite from people of persimmon vinegar business chance saw in be being expected generally, then, he was made with little brother Sun Guisheng establish green is natural the choice of the factory that feed vinegar.

Clever store persimmon fruit

When Sun Jun gives birth to firm return to one's native place, he and little brother contracted together the channel of a barren of the village, rebuild give ten mus of sloping field, use at cultivated persimmon tree. 2006, acetic factory opened business, he took an Orphean name to call holy fruit persimmon vinegar to the persimmon vinegar of oneself. Aborning, do not supply from the persimmon fruit of family property on, brother two bought fruit of ten jins of bright persimmon from the countryside around, but persimmon fruit is perishable, store if the problem is solved bad, never mention it make money, be afraid also want even capital compensate light. Brother two know very well among them terrible, study through pains, they are in sloping field digging pit, use double deck next plastic cloth laps persimmon rigor, use subterranean temperature inferior constant characteristic, be in persimmon deposit underground, change according to climate, adjust in time above persimmon kiln the ply of hill up. Protect in their elaborate canal below, the experiment obtains a success, factory of good to do vinegar opened a good head.
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