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Canzonet flavour tastes an enterprise in, win in region market (2)

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1, begin analysis of region market survey

Market background analysis is very significant sale activity, also be the first pace that market of developing zone region strides. Pass careful survey and analysis only, the actor inferior position that just can make clear menace of market opportunity, market and enterprise oneself, offer decision-making basis for strategic fixed position and sale strategy thereby.

Before preparation develops market of a region, must undertake sufficient market survey to this market, amount of characteristic of state of competition of the consumer spending habit to this area and consumptive behavior, market, channel, economic atmosphere, population have a detailed knowledge. It is clear that other issue sheds charge to wait to also should understand beforehand like cost of sales, content. Itself of enterprise of our country dressing is give priority to with regional development, strategy of the history of this characteristic and enterprise oneself, sale is relative, like Heng Shun's Zhenjiang sweet vinegar is in southern market is very popular, but sell Shanxi and circumjacent area not certain ideal, because Shanxi old mature vinegar is the first selection of place and circumjacent consumer. In the meantime, the enterprise also is art line of business has when the sale those who specialize in, it is enterprise oneself ability and product characteristic above all, it is the target that the company grows next.

Anyhow, region market analysis is not to do basic research, proposal medium and small businesses adopts a key to analyse a law, the crucial factor that sells to affecting a product undertakes an analysis, if area sale personnel still must is opposite oneself, the analysis that undertakes a system to the competitor. The key that region market analyses is the problem spot that locates an enterprise to develop existence and opportunity dot, try to improve and be used.

2, program of formulate area strategy

Should region market plan what? Area strategy plans to basically include: Option of market of fractionize of zone location, market, target, market locates 4 respects. Zone location, choose what kind of region market to regard development as the object namely. Market fractionize, the main and different feature according to consumer can give every fractionize market to name. Choose fractionize market, namely after the target that the enterprise is in the appeal of structure of market of integration analysis fractionize and company and resource, the choice suits his fractionize market. The competition that the market locates even if the enterprise decides according to the position in competition is politic.

The sale terminal of dressing is relatively at present comprehensive, sell field, chain supermarket, convenience inn greatly, feed miscellaneous inn to all can become sale terminal. But national brand is selling the field, high end in interlinking a supermarket to wait to sell the site of field greatly commonly relatively perfect, but in convenience inn, feed the terminal site such as miscellaneous inn opposite weaker. Medium and small businesses can use advantage of area ground predestined relationship, besides perfect as far as possible sell field, chain supermarket site greatly beyond, mix to convenience inn feed the site such as miscellaneous inn to be able to be carried out without seam change enclothe, and have convenience sex more relatively as a result of these two kinds of terminal, masses of OK and very good intercept is consumed group with random consumption group, promote the market base of the enterprise the position.
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