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Canzonet flavour tastes an enterprise in, win in region market (3)

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So small company chooses cooperative agency, it is those just started certainly do the market, economic actual strength and market run ability more general, but as a result of these elements, this kind of agency needs the support of the enterprise very much, at the same time this kind of agency is spent to company loyalty of collaboration taller, and, they want this to want that in that way unlike those big agency, if the sale policy of the enterprise is perfect, depict the development distant view of the enterprise to them more, basically can attract them, the company also can control them completely.

Choose such agency to join in, can let agency run whole market according to the development strategy of the enterprise, make the solid progress of whole trench network. The key of the problem is, the capital actual strength as a result of this kind of agency and the ability that run the market all finite, the vigilance that needs an enterprise to maintain height and have powerful market control group, in order to coach chime is sold, will help agency and enterprise grow together.

4, administrative channel agency

How to manage channel agency? To this, a lot of enterprises especially medium and small businesses is more ambiguous.

Actually, stay in not just to the management of agency " canal " on, more important is to want to build consumer of target of press close to in all with its and relatively stable terminal network, provide market support, build with agency cooperate with division of labour, deepen build the cooperative relation with long-term friendly mutual benefit, fight contest jointly, implementation manufacturer, agency, consumer wins mode more.

And, cooperate perfect channel policy and active agency drive, also be an indispensable link in management of agency of business medium of communication.


Small dressing enterprise wants to be like in the strong opponent in forest on the market steady progress, must build clear and stable region market first. Have the aid of the region market at base area type, the company can go local advantage in the creation inside limited space, win larger market share thereby, resist effectively competition, expand oneself actual strength, this is an edge tool that wins competition.

Meanwhile, consumer is decision-making of resource of the poor dissimilation of mode, area complication wait for an element to make any dressing enterprises cannot the successful experience some area " universally applicable " , those know area resource to evaluate, integrated, management district director and enterprise just make he are become first likely " area is strong brand " , next again by " the fire of star is OK set the prairie ablaze " situation the consequence that expands inside bigger range.

Origin: " Chinese dressing industry "

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