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Canzonet flavour tastes an enterprise in, win in region market (one)

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The person that get region market gets the world!

The market is developed only then develop at region market, such to big company, more such to medium and small businesses.

Region market development, apply proper, the strength that can change section is comparative, even " whole nation of set the prairie ablaze " .

Dressing is faced with new development opportunity

China is a special country, special it is to show region is vast, and pattern of the economic standard of each district, spending and habits and customs and even culture idea exist very big difference. Mirror on market sale, with respect to meeting discovery, each enterprise, cannot use a similar plan, will run countrywide market; Mirror in the industry, the market competition of a certain industry spends even if appear turn white-hot degree, but still what many enterprises follow the prescribed order on another level is living.

Produce big country as dressing, china produces manufacturer whole nation to have on more than 1000 only, and be based on above " special " reason, although industry brand is numerous, but national strong brand is very few, have 60 probably - 70, the national brand that can become China to get bellwether in dressing industry however can be counted on one's fingers, if constant is suitable (vinegar) , sea day (soy) , the madam is happy (gallinaceous essence) , Li Jin is written down (oyster sauce) , lotus (gourmet powder) , old dry Mom (thick chili sauce) etc. And business of Chinese dressing industry is the regional factory that is dimensions with an area is given priority to mostly.

In recent years, industry of our country dressing is growing quickly with the impetus of a kind of advance rapidly, from the industry of an opposite lag, span greatly the ground entered intense market competition industry, make one of category with the fastest amplitude in food industry. And of process of economic integration of global economy, area accelerate and the country takes seriously to dressing industry highly wait for main strategy and act, the development that is industry of our country dressing brings giant demand vacuum, also created new development opportunity for industry of our country dressing, accordingly, industry of our country dressing had formed company of a batch of production concentrated area and belt of industry of industry of many advantages dressing, present the characteristic that gives group type development and relatively equitable area distribution.

Do not need dare not or would not speak up, at present company of pattern of mill of our country dressing still abounds in, dimensions slants generally small, technical level is low, constituent structure remains to be optimized further, dressing industry position is still endless and reasonable, concentration is spent inferior, area advantage does not have sufficient play, belt of provision region economy has not form powerful dimensions advantage and in coordination competition ability.
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