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Guangdong fine a person of extraordinary powers: Regret and perfect argue

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Gain ground stage by stage as what company culture builds, the construction of brand culture also rises to surface gradually, cause the attention of industry. If say company culture is the foundation of tamp industry vitality, so brand culture is the carrier that delivers product quality. International brand tycoon is able to bear or endure gram and Adidasi, the manufacturer that machines for its spreads all over the whole world, consumer is bought be able to bear or endure it caring when overcoming a shoe is which factory production, the brand culture that the most important is them is thorough already popular feeling, because want to become,be able to bear or endure the processing factory of the gram is not a very easy thing, produce those who taste quality to examine nearly slashing, this is brand culture radiates the ray that go out.

Below the brand culture contrail of an enterprise tells us, the configuration of brand culture is varied, and deducing not common old practice with carrier.

Those who deduce brand culture is additional kind of way

Chen Zhixiong: President of Inc. of food of Guangdong fine a person of extraordinary powers

Generally company product cannot escape two ties that sell method, one is the terminal market that common weighs current channel; One is common says to buy of field big medium or small bazaar supermarket (abbreviation business exceeds) . But however the product can have escaped additional monarch of approach of these two sales paths, created the legend of the 3rd channel of Chinese food industry.

Chen Zhixiong is the father with China green hot mustard, it is one of drafting people of standard of dressing of Chinese chicken juice. Found oneself since the company, chen Zhixiong made interest bully and Zhan Wang early or late brand of flavoring of two large kitchens. Fine a person of extraordinary powers is in after chef established position of interest bully brand in this desert channel, roll out Zhan Wang Gaoduan to consume a brand again, for fine a person of extraordinary powers direct additional sale created kind of terminal magical. Especially interest bully green mustard is hot the pride that becomes Chinese dressing, for block up of abroad mustard hot product inbreak in a large-scale the tree rose to block wind wall together.

Chen Zong tells us, they were rolled out recently " Zhan Wangjiu big juice " , the purpose is help chef stride recreational times, drive innovation of China dish type to develop progress, highlight a tradition not only " color, sweet, flavour " main demand, still with " nutrition and health " develop direction for innovation dish type. Attack together when others current when exceeding two big channel with business, fine a person of extraordinary powers is undertaking the exploration of strategy of the 3rd channel, of cudgel one's brains for build chef club, while activity of hutch art contest is realizing industry culture to communicate, the interest that rolls out them for type of chef innovation dish bully product, if green mustard is hot,become chef to improve the new weapon of product gust, if everybody tastes the mustard of savor newly to fry mustard orchid, mustard mixes green melon, this is them what go out from creation of the 3rd channel is magical.
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