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The madam is happy get run industry of Chinese chicken energy

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Olympic Games spirit blends in famous brand character

Accompany those who follow a like a raging fire of Olympic Games match to undertake, do all one can of Olympic Games good athlete seized the form of Jin Weiguo win honour for to also leave deep impression in people heart, in the meantime, the every act of Olympic Games good athlete even the heart that dietary daily life is affecting people of millions upon millions China. Before before long, shanghai quality technology supervises deputy director general of brightness of director of bureau yellow alley, Zheng, fine deputy warden of the Fei Xiaomei that decide an area and

A more than 40 people such as reporter of more than 20 media carry to madam Le Ao food produced the job to undertake inspecting.

The introduction of the system of high level quality that working circumstance and enterprise whole ensure to produce exercise about be being produced for abstruse product in inspecting the member that comprise to listen to honor of general manager of limited company of Shanghai madam happy food above all. He states the madam is happy fold guarantee against do not buckle the ground to finish this to offer abstruse task, make contribution for 2008 Olympic Gameses. Inspected a group to look around to be stationed in a factory to superintend the office, madam happy TV supervisory system, for abstruse food storehouse of special raw material, for abstruse food product line, for storehouse of abstruse food finished product, entered visiting passageway to browse the madam's most extensive on happy company world gallinaceous energy product line, the world's top-ranking production facilities and strict quality manage a system, won inspect personnel height admiration.

The madam is happy regard Chinese chicken essence as the first brand, maintain international front row on manufacturing technology and technology not only, also go in industry front row in product research and development and innovation respect at the same time. Essence of madam happy chicken is an industry not only inside the first serves as compound model flavoring is had the honor to win " Chinese famous brand " the product of the title, and essence of madam happy chicken also is completely homebred sales volume the first, brand acknowledge is spent with the United States praise spend first product, the madam is happy 8 old series more than 70 kinds of products, norms also loves by consumer.

This is madam happy product can show itself in numerous dressing as one of reasons that offer abstruse product. Come for years, the madam is happy holding to all the time " the flavor that makes savor of 1.3 billion person more delicious " the progress that the concept devotes oneself to to drive industry of whole chicken energy and development. The invitation that still suffers Chinese dressing association takes the lead drafted " gallinaceous essence occupation standard " and " gallinaceous pink occupation standard " , to maintaining market order, raised integral industry standard to remove positive effect. And offer a brand this especially as the Olympic Games, the madam is happy be do one's best more in food safety is ensured and content shedding deserves to serve do sufficient kongfu, accomplish a best product to send most angel, madam Le Zheng is to use his real operation to explaining Olympic Games spirit.
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